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[Remember] is a short game about the player exploring their house in order to regain memories. The goal is to enter every room of their house in order to fully regain all lost memories. This is the free demo version.

Important Note:
This is not the full game. The full version has extra features which are listed below. It is available here:

- W, A, S, D to move around
- Mouse to look
- Left Mouse Button to open doors
- Escape to open the pause menu in game

- Procedurally generated house
- Different every time you play
- Overhead camera view shows you the house being generated
- Explore every room to win
- Counter will show you how many you have left to discover
- Timer shows how long you've been playing

The full version has;
- Customise numerous aspects of your house
- Length, Width, Door percentage, Number of floors
Bonus modes
- Blurry vision mode and
- Low light mode

Folder Sizes
Compressed folder - 45MB
Uncompressed folder - 168 MB

Install instructions

In the Zip folder, there will be;

- A Read Me text file
- The game executable named '[Remember] - Demo Version'
- A data folder with all the games data
- A folder named 'Important Stuff'. This folder has files that are created when I made the application file of the game. These files are created automatically, so I would advise not deleting or editing them.

How To Play

- When it's finished downloading, extract the compressed file.
- Double click the application.
- Game controls are in the main menu, as well as on the main Itch.io page for this game.


[Remember] - Demo Version.zip 45 MB

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